Relocation and Moving Checklist

Use our exclusive Relocation Worksheet© to simplify and organize your move!
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  • Change of Address:

    We have put together a list of places you will want to remember to change your address!

            Click here:   Change of Address list

  • Bank:
    _____ set up account in new city to allow time for imprinted checks
    _____ set up any automatic withdrawals at new account
    _____ set up any automatic payments at new account
    _____ empty safe deposit box - arrange safe deposit box at new location
    _____ close/transfer accounts - checking, savings, CDs
    _____ purchase travelers checks or have cash to cover moving and other expenses until arriving at your new location

  • Insurance:
    _____ notify of new address: life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, boat insurance, homeowner's (fire), renter's

  • Utility Companies:
    _____ notify gas, water, electric, telephone, cable, satellite dish, internet access, trash
    _____ arrange for return of security deposit on file
    _____ cellular telephone
    _____ home security company

  • Community Associations:
    _____ notify of change of ownership
    _____ return keys to community facilities/post box
    _____ arrange for return of security deposit/unused portion of dues

  • Service Providers:
    _____ newspaper(s)
    _____ gardener
    _____ hair stylist
    _____ pest control
    _____ bottled water
    _____ pool service
    _____ other services (laundry, dry cleaners, etc.)

  • Pets:
    _____ arrange for transfer of medical history file to new vet
    _____ find out about necessary licenses, vaccinations, etc. at new location
    _____ arrange for transport to new location

  • Moving Cards:
    _____ have printed with new address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc.

  • Medical and Dental files, including optician, optometrist, orthodontist and prescriptions:
    _____ get referral to new service providers
    _____ arrange for transfer of files/history/x-rays/prescriptions

  • Memberships:
    _____ cancel/transfer membership to gym/health club, etc.
    _____ cancel/transfer motor club membership
    _____ arrange for return of any deposit on file or unused portion of membership
    _____ other club(s)

  • School records:
    _____ arrange for children's school records to be transferred
    _____ If applicable, find out the procedure for ordering high school transcripts to be sent directly to colleges so you are prepared to do so when child applies to college

  • Telephone book:
    _____ pack current local telephone book(s) for easy access to phone numbers/addresses in the event they are needed

  • Keys:
    _____ collect all keys to current residence
    _____ return keys to neighbors/friends that you might have

  • Remove anything from secret hiding places (attic, basement, etc) or in a safe

  • Return library books, video rentals, etc.

  • Clean out lockers at school, gym

  • Leave your forwarding address with the new owner/tenant and offer to pay postage to forward mail.

  • Leave for new owner/occupant: architectural/landscape plans; instruction manuals

Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  This is not intended to be a complete list. We hope that this list will help guide you through what to think about when relocating.