Moving Checklist - Change of address

Moving?  We have your helpful links and reminders for your change of address!

Our suggestion is that for at least one month before you move, carefully watch your incoming mail.
Keep an empty envelope or record of each piece of mail you receive that you want to notify of your new address.

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United States Post Office Movers Guide

U. S. Movers Guide

California Department of Motor Vehicles (including voter registration)


Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


Selective Service System

Selective Service System

 Social Security Administration


 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

USCIS Address Changes when you move

 Los Angeles County Tax Assessor

Los Angeles County Tax Assessor

 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs


And, you'll also want to notify:

friends and family
  subscriptions to magazines, periodicals, newsletters, catalogs, music and book clubs
mail120x180.jpg  rewards club memberships (airline, hotel, etc.)
memberships, organizations, clubs
charge accounts, credit cards 
investment accounts, bank accounts, lending institutions 
  retirement accounts, including benefits managers 
  utilities, cellular telephone company, pager company, internet provider, satellite dish, cable company
  insurance companies (health, life, car, medical, dental, etc.)
  schools, universities, colleges, alumni associations 
  medical and dental providers
  accountant, attorney and other professionals
  voter registration
  place(s) of worship
  Websites online that "store" your mailing address
  People you exchange birthday, announcement and holiday cards with

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