Household Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal

Reference links for household hazardous waste collection and disposal in California, including e-waste.

Proper disposal of household hazardous waste and e-waste* (electronic hazardous waste) is important for all citizens to help protect and preserve our environment. In fact, the state of California has enacted the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003: Covered Electronic Waste Payment System (SB 20/SB 50) E-waste is a growing issue due to it's increasing presence and the toxic materials contained in electronic waste.

To see a list of wastes banned from the trash, go here:  wastes banned from trash in California.

Around the state, there are permanent collection centers as well as scheduled local collection events to help make waste disposal convenient.

To find a collection center in your area, please use the state of California's website search:

Click here to find:   used oil recycling center search in California

Click here to find:   approved collectors and recyclers of covered electronic waste

To search for additional information in your area through the state of California's website, which includes a search by county, please click here:
local government household hazardous waste websites in California.

For additional information, visit the state of California's website:    Household Hazardous Waste & Universal Waste.

And, the website Earth 911 also has information on conservation, recycling and recycling centers.

If you are selling or buying a property, you may be

required to dispose of hazardous waste.

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*What is "e-waste"?  Read about it here:  
What is e-waste?